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Comics for Grownups 30: Matt Huynh

by on Jan.16, 2014, under Comics

Comics for Grownups Episode 30 with Alex Rothman is now out on iTunes. Direct RSS link for Android users here.

In this episode we are joined by Matt Huynh and we review:

Celebrated Summer by Charles Forsman

The Cage by Martin Vaughn-James

Home Brew Vampire Bullets, edited by Garth Jones

Hidden by Mirranda Burton

The Great War by Joe Sacco

Irene #3, edited by Andy Warner, DW, and Dakota McFadzean

Qu33r, edited by Rob Kirby

For our classic book, we discussed:

The Best of Wonder Wart-Hog by Gilbert Shelton

For our webcomic, we discussed:

A Stray in the WoodsAlison Wilgus

(And here’s the other recent scifi comic by Sophie Goldstein that we mentioned.)

Here’s Matt’s store, where you can get his book Ma and other work.

Matt also suggested some Australian cartoonists and organizations to check out (in no particular order):

Ben Hutchings

Squishface Studios

Sidney Opera House’s Radio With Pictures

Blue by Pat Grant

Mandy Ord

Evie Cahir

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