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by on Sep.22, 2009, under Politics

Vaguely argued prediction.

Specific evidence:

As evidence of the link between health care and racial attitudes, we analyzed survey data gathered in late 2008. … We find an extraordinarily strong correlation between racial resentment of blacks and opposition to health care reform.


No such relationship between racial attitudes and opinions on health care existed in the mid-1990s during the Clinton effort.

Via Yglesias, even if he thinks it’s “counterproductive” to talk about it. Commenter JD over there has this to say about the change since the 1990s:

See Martin Gilens’s book “Why Americans Hate Welfare” for a good analysis of how this worked with welfare. There too, the association was not originally there: the right managed to yoke existing racism to welfare in order to piggyback on existing resentment among whites. The result was that, as more people came to associate welfare with blacks, antipathy to the program rose. So too here: just yoke healthcare to providing services to blacks (or the pro-black policies of a black president) and voila, instant white opposition.

Yes this is the laziest post ever.

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