Say It Ain’t… Aw, Just Shut Up, Joe

by on Dec.11, 2009, under Politics

In 1995, Senator Joseph Lieberman gave an address at Yale University to a small crowd. I don’t remember what he was speaking about, but I do remember joining with a few friends to disrupt the speech. About six of us, from either Guerilla Theater or the Radical Student Front, marched into the room during the middle of speech and walked back and forth with picket signs until his aides hustled us out of the room and told us that whatever our complaints, the Senator’s record showed that he was a friend of progress in America. Maybe he had been. I hadn’t known the guy’s roll calls up and down. But you don’t get a pass for voting for gay teen suicide.

Lieberman had recently joined forces with the charming Jesse Helms to strip federal funding from schools that counseled gay teenage students that it was okay to be gay. I don’t remember the exact wording of our signs, but we made the connection that teen suicide rates were highest among gay teens and that Lieberman’s actions were boosting the numbers. We weren’t subtle.

Today, Lieberman threatens to filibuster the public option. I really wish we’d pied the fucker.

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  • julia w

    thanks for that, josh!!

  • Austin

    Josh Kamensky was in a full-body toxic suit and gas mask for this. Jamie Lachman played strolling acoustic guitar. We actually marched right up on stage, and circled the audience various times, singing some modified-lyrics version of “Give Peace a Chance”. I was probably dressed up somehow; don’t remember. I had a bullhorn, loaned to me by Lou Weeks. We did not get kicked out; we left after singing for about twenty minutes and getting bored because Lieberman hadn’t showed. I think we had class to get to, or something.

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