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Bad Dick

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For a while there, Mother Yale had one of the worst labor-management track records among United States corporations, with strikes every four years like clockwork as the university saw with the expiration of a labor contract another opportunity to extract concessions from its unionized workforce, and then acted surprised when the unions resisted their evil plan to fire everybody with a decent job and replace them with minimum-wage subcontracts to Betty Crocker International or some such.

When I went there, the two head honchos were University President Richard Levin and Yale College Dean Richard Brodhead. There persisted a stubborn belief among the students that Levin was the Bad Dick and Brodhead the Good Dick, mostly because Levin, an economist, is a geek and is less fun to be around than Brodhead, a literary humanist, who can deliver a fine and funny lecture on American literature. As far as I could tell there was no other basis for thinking Brodhead had better politics, and I’m not surprised to see the prejudice definitively refuted in Brodhead’s practices as University President at Duke:

The cushy administrative salaries and bonuses add up to an indictment of the Brodhead administration for allowing the burden of the fiscal crisis to fall unevenly: bonuses for the brass, a direct hit for cafeteria workers, groundskeepers, housekeepers, clerks and underpaid adjunct faculty who lost their jobs.
Bad Dick! Glad that’s settled.
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