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by on Jul.10, 2011, under Books

As many of you know, a couple of years ago I finished my second novel, Soap and Water, and have since been trying to get it out into the world. It tells a story of civil war in a near-future American West, arising from today’s tensions based on things like ideology and water scarcity, and echoing our decade-long occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. More specifically, it tells the intersecting stories of five people stuck in that civil war, but instead of giving you a full outline I’d rather invite you to read the thing yourself.

See, recently I was invited to join Red Lemonade, a new social publishing venture created by the former editor of Soft Skull, one of America’s best independent presses. The idea is that authors who succeed in getting a community of readers excited about their work might be a good bet for actual book publication.

Here’s what I’d like to ask you all to do: read my book and help me get it noticed. If other readers there don’t love it, them’s the breaks, but with your help I hope at least to get them to give it a try. Red Lemonade is still a new community, so I honestly believe you guys could make that difference.

Step 1: Go to and register for a user account.

Step 2: Find the book at Read the first chapter, which I’ve already posted. Leave a comment.*

Step 3: If you like what you read, please invite your friends to join Red Lemonade too. Post this link on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ or whatever you do, or email it around to anyone you think might dig Soap and Water. Ask them to do the same.

I know it’s a drag to read long manuscripts on the internet. That’s why I plan to serialize Soap and Water at the rate of about 10 pages a week over the next couple months. New pages will always be posted Sunday night, with reminder emails going out concurrently .

I am so, so grateful to all of you who have read my stories over the last couple of years. I hope you’ll be willing to try out Soap and Water. I like it a lot.


* It doesn’t have to be praise. If you see a sentence, a paragraph, or a whole section that should be rewritten, leave a note saying so. I will take all editing suggestions seriously. As a new user your comment might be held for moderation. Don’t worry about it.


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