The Real Superhero Movement

by on Jan.05, 2011, under Comics

I’ve mentioned this in passing before: people all over America are dressing up like superheroes and going out to fight crime. Here’s the story that first alerted me to it (link to the original Rolling Stones story appears not to work any more), about Master Legend, who fights crime in Orlando. I was reminded of it by this recent video of Phoenix Jones, who fights crime in Seattle.

Best of all, here the national registry of Real-Life Superheroes. I love these guys. I love that in addition to fighting crime they volunteer for homeless aid and charity toy drives, make their own costumes, and get into flame wars on the internet. (For example, the Real-Life Superhero chat boards are claiming Phoenix Jones faked the whole thing.)

Why not? Isn’t that what real superheroes would do? Who are any of us to say they’re not real-life superheroes?

Fight on.

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