Let The Right One In

by on Oct.31, 2010, under Movies

I suppose it’s horror week hereabouts. Just in time for Halloween! This blog will dress up tomorrow night as “Sexy Daily Kos”.

Cryptic spoiler ahead. I just watched Let The Right One In and I think its innovation to the vampire canon is this: vampires, it turns out, are born, not made.

One character gets bitten by the vampire and feels the lust for blood gurgle up inside. Another character longs for retribution against bullies and learns a valuable lesson in how to stand up to them.

Not at all obvious, from those descriptions, which one is ready by the film’s end for a long life of murder.

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  • jms

    I saw the Swedish version, which was pleasantly creepy, with a nicely-done horrible ending. I wonder if the American version is different enough to warrant watching it as well?

  • Josh K-sky

    I’ve read that the story isn’t different at all, but there are some interesting variations in transposition — mostly by the time and place setting (early-Reagan-era New Mexico)

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