Rule out Three Candidates for A.G.

by on Sep.03, 2010, under New York, Politics

It’s been a little tricky to figure out which of the many candidates to replace Andrew Cuomo is the best.

Fortunately, three of them just ruled themselves out of serious consideration in my book:

Candidates Eric Dinallo, Sean Coffey and Richard Brodsky say they would investigate funding for the $100 million Park51 project a few blocks from ground zero. Kathleen Rice would investigate if there was evidence of wrongdoing, and Eric Schneiderman says he would probe funding if a concern were raised or as part of a broader investigation into funds moving through New York to support terrorism.

“The mosque being built in that area is offensive to me, as a matter of my role as a citizen,” said Brodsky, saying he would investigate its funding sources. “The law will be applied to those folks as it would be applied to any other group … without fear or favor.”

Dinallo said the funding “needs to be looked at” but just because it’s a mosque “is not a reason to put in such a deep investigation for that purpose alone.”

“I would go ahead and permit it to be built,” said Coffey. But he added: “I would also pursue investigation of the funding … I’d pursue it very aggressively.”

Investigating the funding of an Islamic community center merely because it became the focus of a Fox News Two Minutes’ Hate is completely offensive and ridiculous. So for those keeping score, that’s a big fat no to Dinallo, Coffey, and Brodsky. Which means it’s down to Rice and Schneiderman–and essentially, for me, Schneiderman.

Thanks, guys! The primary is after all just around the corner. I was worried about how to make that decision.

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  • The AP Story Is Wrong

    The ap story got this wrong. Dinallo would only investigate if evidence was presented and thinks it is very unlikely that the AG’s office would/should get involved.

    Take a listen to the AWMC debate:

    At about the 25:10 mark, after beginning his answer talking about his experience on September 11th, Eric Dinallo said “This is where I think Richard and I disagree…feelings and passions are appropriate, sympathies and concerns… but the power of a subpoena the power to invoke a grand jury is the strongest highest power in our constitution system and its one that needs to be used very carefully and only without the strongest evidence would I think the Attorney General’s office would ever get involved and given the particular parameters and what you are talking about when you use the word investigation is really the only appropriate role for the AG’s office on this issue, so evidence would have be presented before there was such an inquiry.”

  • Joshua Malbin

    Hm. Thanks for the clarification. If that’s true then Dinallo can consider himself back in the running for my all-important endorsement. But your link doesn’t work.

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