Top Tips: Eggshells Errant

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The summer I spent in England I found Viz magazine, which ran a Hints from Heloise-parody called “Top Tips.”

The one I remember laughing at out loud in the middle of Piccadilly Circus (so disappointing, by the way) was “Paint a small red cross at the bottom of your teacup. When you see the cross, you’ll know it’s time to add more tea.”

Anyway, here’s a kitchen tip. You know how it’s endlessly frustrating to chase a bit of eggshell around a bowl of cracked eggs? If you use a spoon or your finger, the little bugger will still get tantalizingly close, then slip away from your grasp. Or spoon. (Also, don’t use your finger.)

Here’s a trick that works every time:

Use an eggshell. The most solid-looking of your discarded half-shells.

It’s thin enough to scoop out the runaway without just pushing around the protective layer of white.

A small collection of Viz Top tips can be found here. I recommend installing Readability in order to turn the unintelligible small-white-text on black into something easier on the eyes.

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