Things That Look Like Other Things IV-1

by on May.16, 2010, under Movies, television

On Glee a few episodes back, Rachel produces a revival of 70’s story-song “Run Joey Run” as part of a plot to vamp up her reputation. What Puck (or any other participant) doesn’t know is that she’s not just casting him alone as the love object, but instead has enlisted all three of her male attractors. The final video shows Rachel in a doomed romance with a boy played alternately by Puck, Finn and Jesse.

Since Rachel introduced her project with a suggestion that her audience might not have all the necessary film vocabulary to appreciate her project, I was prepared for some kind of winking acknowledgement of That Obscure Object of Desire (previously here). But instead, Rachel’s advanced film knowledge was just a jokey reference to her use of bad iMovie effects, and everybody got mad at her for showing how many boys she had revolving around her.

I thought it was cool. Buñuel vs Lea Michele! ¿Quien es mas macho?

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  • Patrick O'Connor

    Whatever the merits of that particular argument, I am delighted to see that you are a close reader of Glee, a show about which all of my gay friends have very strong opinions (ranging from Fabulous! to Utterly Fabulous! to Well, most of that episode sucked, but next week it will be even more Fabulous than before!). I too find it fabulous; I am, however, introducing a ban on Auto-Tone to the Lima, Ohio, city council this month.

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