Turf #1

by on Apr.08, 2010, under Comics

There have been a lot of new crime comics coming out lately, many of them combining crime and horror. Crime and horror do go well together. So why not one combining crime, vampires, and an alien crash-landing, all set in Prohibition-era Manhattan?

Obviously Turf isn’t taking itself too seriously, which I suppose is what you’d expect of the first comic from Jonathan Ross. Yes, that Jonathan Ross. It may be that comic books make lousy movies, but TV people seem to be able to move into comics comfortably.

There are some glitches. The pages are too dialogue-heavy, for one thing. Comics at their best enforce economy of language, and frankly Mr. Ross could have used an editor. The page layouts are impressive, though, constantly varying the size and arrangement of their panels. Sometimes the panels are quite small, which can make things appear cramped and static even when the drawings themselves are lively, if that makes any sense.

It’s a five-issue limited, so I guess you could always wait for the trade paperback.

Preview below the fold.


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