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The only great comic book movies are American Splendor and Ghost World.

There are no great superhero movies.

The only great bits of superhero movies are Doc Ock’s arms in Spider-Man 2 and Heath Ledger, mostly when he’s in a nurse’s outfit, in The Dark Knight. The bit with the pencil is pretty advanced, too. The bit with the Prisoner’s Dilemma sucks.

Michael Keaton was the best Batman.

Robert Downey, Jr. is funny to watch in Iron Man but “Robert Downey, Jr talking to the CGI/himself” is no substitute for “good movie.” It would be a good “viral video” though.

X-Men… eh.

Mystery Men was not particularly bad, compared to comic book movies in general. The Specials should have been a little better, but it’s pretty good for a superhero movie with no special effects.

Alan Moore is only wrong to the extent he thinks it’s specific to him.

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  • Joshua Malbin

    People seemed to like Persepolis, though I never saw it. Then there’s Akira and Ghost in the Shell, though I wouldn’t try them strictly sober, and Fritz the Cat.

    Of course, all of those are animated and therefore a lot closer to the originals. Oldboy, however, was based on a manga and goes right up there alongside your two. I was just poking around on Wikipedia and found that out.

    The only great bits of superhero movies

    The Penguin bits of Batman Returns kind of kicked ass, actually, especially the action sequence of all the penguins jumping into the water with bombs strapped to their backs. Also, parts of The Crow were pretty great, especially for its time. Not really fair to judge the X-Men movies on the third one, which everyone agrees sucks. The scene in the second one where Magneto busted out of his plastic prison by ganking the iron right out of his guard’s blood, I don’t see how you can argue with that.

    There was a recent British sitcom called No Heroics that was sort of like The Specials. I liked it.

    By far the worst comic book movie I have ever seen was 2002 French adaptation of Asterix. I think I got about ten minutes in before I just had to turn it off.

  • Josh K-sky

    I’ll grant you the penguins and definitely the iron in the blood, though as for X-Men as a whole I’ll only say that 1 and 2 were not terrible like 3, and I might have liked 1 more if I hadn’t seen it from the furthest left edge of the front row. The Crow, you can keep.

    For some reason I still haven’t even read the back half of Persepolis, though I loved the first book.

    Eric Trueheart was actually the best Batman.

  • Joshua Malbin

    Actually, the first X-Men was also crappy.

  • Joe G W

    I read the first book of the Oldboy manga and ’twas awful. I had no desire to read the subsequent dozen or so books necessary to finish up the series. I have no idea how they wrung such a solid movie out of the source material.

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