Scott Brown for President

by on Jan.20, 2010, under Politics

I’m hardly the only person to say this today, but Scott Brown would be foolish not to run for president. A state senator who lept to the U.S. Senate. Brown’s opponent did him plenty of favors, but Obama’s opponent was so laughable as to raise reasonable questions about Obama’s ability to survive an actual competitive election. Brown is telegenic, looks good naked, has a national base but can probably (by virtue of living in Massachusetts alone) mitigate fears that he aligns perfectly with that base’s beliefs. The career paths of John Kennedy, Bob Dole, John Kerry, Barack Obama and John McCain all deprecate the value of “experience”, suggesting that candidates quickly grow stale in the Senate. At some level, voters prefer governors with executive records; legislative records pile up for consumption by op researchers; magic and local identity wear off.

Given a wide-open field and two and a half years to the convention, I’ll put up $125 right now that Brown takes the GOP nomination if you’ll give me 4:1 on it. Who wants a piece of that action? Honest Harry holds.


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