Political Correctness

by on Dec.22, 2009, under Travel

Quirt“Does anybody know what this here implement is called?”

Mumbles. Crop. Whip.

“No, see, in the interest of political correctness, The Man has prohibited us from ever using the word ‘whip’. So we call this a ‘mule motivator.'”

The chief of the Grand Canyon mule rides had the expert comic patter of tour guides, refined and rehearsed through day-in, day-out operations, leavened with cowboy poetry. Funny to hear ‘political correctness’ (at base, an ironic way of stating your opposition to civility) lingering on. He had his laugh lines down to a science (HJ’s mule was introduced to her as “Suicide”; her name was actually Marcy). This one stuck out–weird if you follow it through. Is it politically incorrect to say ‘whip’ because it suggests the stain of slavery or just the abuse of animals?

Technically, the implement is called a quirt.

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