As Long As We’re Talking about Movies Based on Alan Moore Comics

by on Nov.08, 2009, under Comics, Movies

I finally got around to watching Watchmen, and as expected it was terrible. I expected to hate the changed ending, though, and I didn’t. It was a reasonable kludge to deal with the fact that Moore’s plot point of faking an alien invasion depended on a bunch of the intertextual insertions that couldn’t be reproduced in the movie, especially the pirate comics.

It was bizarre how needlessly graphic the violence was, though, and by god it was sloooooooow. Frankly the movie version needed to be far less faithful to the graphic novel, which reenacted and twisted the history of Golden and Silver Age comics. That history took forever on screen and probably made no sense to most viewers. Far better would have been to retain the core premise—villain wins in the end because he is right—and figure out some way to send up the recent history of comic-book-based movies.

Plus the acting was mostly crap.


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