I Love Leah Fried

by on Oct.15, 2009, under Movies, Politics

There. I said it. So, apparently, does Michael Moore, who featured her in Capitalism: A Love Story and now has her on the front page of his website, urging action on everything from health care…

you have to call, write and email your Senators over the health care bill.  This week the fight is in the Senate, as they work to merge two bills — the Baucus finance committee bill and the HELP committee bill.  The Baucus bill benefits the health insurance companies and is worse than no reform at all, whereas the HELP committee bill includes a public option.  Of course I prefer a single-payer health care plan (Medicare for All) and I will definitely tell my senators that a national health plan would be the best solution, but also that I strongly prefer the HELP bill over the disaster that is the Baucus bill.  To find your senator’s contact information visit:  http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm.

…to, well, capitalism.

Leah organizes workers in the scrappy, independent United Electrical union. She helped run the heroic Republic Windows and Doors factory takeover last winter. (I spent a good hour on the phone with my friend at Bank of America encouraging them to resolve the dispute in time for Leah to come to my wedding, which I’m sure made the difference.) She was one of my first welcomes to the labor movement at Union Summer in Chicago in 1996, she is a superhero, and you should do what she says.

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