Dollhouse: Um….

by on Oct.09, 2009, under television

Okay, clearly we’re not going to get the Epitaph One future, and that’s a big letdown. Details like the “remote wipe” would mean a lot more if we knew that Topher’s improvising with these things eventually leads to the apocalypse. We’re apparently stuck with this client-of-the-week BS that isn’t any good, even given the Enver Gjokaj showcase. We should be far past the point where we need it driven home that the Dollhouse is sociopathic—especially as hamfistedly as was done this week.

As commenter Karen wrote on Alan Sepinwall’s blog after last week’s  episode: This is Joss Whedon’s Studio 60. I’ve held on this long out of loyalty, but it may be time to let go.


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