Dollhouse: This Is Starting to Be a Problem

by on Oct.03, 2009, under television

Two episodes now with no mention at all of the future world of Epitaph One. It’s almost as if Whedon & Co. no longer have any intention of going there in what is looking more and more like the last 13 episodes this show will ever have. That’s a problem mainly because the weekly standalone episodes don’t work and have never really worked—and what’s more, we’re seeing almost no Enver Gjokaj and precious little Dichen Lachman. I don’t want to watch this show, and I don’t care about Alexis Denisof’s marginal Senator. I want to watch the better show promised by the second half of last season and especially the unaired final episode. What gives here?


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  • Josh K-sky

    Joss has something up his sleeve. From this interview:

    Alyssa: Will we see an expansion of the world that Dollhouse is set in, beyond the house itself? I know you’ve been asked how viewers are supposed to get attached to Echo when she’s a different person every episode, but what role does setting play in grounding the show?

    Whedon: The world will expand. Oh holy boy will the world expand. And then, unless our ratings tick up a bit, it will very suddenly contract.

  • Joshua Malbin

    So what is he waiting for?

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