Espada, Jr., cont.

by on Aug.12, 2009, under New York, Politics

Several more tidbits on the Senate Democrats’ shame, via Liz Benjamin. First:

Senate officials … declined to answer detailed questions about the circumstances of Pedro G. Espada’s hiring, such as whether he was a candidate for the job before Senator Espada returned to the Democratic caucus.

That would be a no. If was a yes, they would have said yes.

Then there’s this lovely bit of anonymous dishing about Pedro, Jr. from, I’m guessing, one of the seven Democratic Senators who were very close to a power-sharing arrangement with the Republicans before the Democratic leadership cut their legs off with the Espada deal:

“He’s lazy and not so smart, so I don’t know why we need him in some kind of policy role in the state Senate,” the Senate Democrat said.

The Democrat said the elder Espada initially sought to hire his son as his own chief of staff.

“He was told, ‘You can’t do that. You can’t hire a family member,’ ” the source said. “So that’s how he became a central staffer. I guess this is how he came up with the compromise.”

Nice. That’s backed up by at least one other source in the Albany Times Union, which also brings us the news that Steve Pigeon, the Golisano stooge who engineered the coup, will get $150,000 a year in his new Senate gig, and that Hiram Monserrate gets to hire two new staff members and give raises to his staff worth a total of $150,000 a year. Because the state budget isn’t tight or anything. Also Monserrate got back the committee chairmanship he lost for (I guess I have to say allegedly) stabbing his girlfriend in the face with a broken glass.


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